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Inspired by the brand’s watchmaking heritage and expertise, the new concept gives the brand a contemporary yet cosy look.

Exterior of the Blancpain Boutique

A wind of modernity is blowing through Blancpain’s boutiques around the world. To rethink their concept, Iconia accompanied the brand’s vision at all stages: Analysis of the positioning, definition of the concept, interior architecture but also lighting design, selection

of furniture and decoration. All aspects of the design were carefully considered, reflecting Iconia’s multidisciplinary approach.

The history of the Blancpain brand is distinguished by its excellence in the creation of watches. Founded in 1735 and acquired by the Swatch Group in 1992, it is the oldest watch

brand in the world that is still in business. Blancpain’s roots lie in the farmhouse at Le Brassus in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland, where several generations of watchmakers have been born. Today, the brand still has a workshop there specialising in the manufacture of prestige movements. To pay tribute to this history that continues to be written, Iconia has revisited the emblematic element of this historic farmhouse: the cherry tree window. Already present in the architecture of the Blancpain boutiques, it was modernized by Iconia’s designers through a brushed metal outline and a play on transparency. The latter now appears on the exterior windows and watch displays. Another nod to the watchmaker’s workshop: on the wooden furniture such as the counters and wall elements, the logo is engraved in each drawer handle. The atmosphere of the shop remains sophisticated through the cherry woodwork and refined mouldings, while the wooden partitions, framed by brushed metal columns, complete the elegant and modern look of the new concept.

Lounge area in the Blancpain Boutique

At the heart of the boutiques, the large round table seems to float under the light lines of

the ceiling, from which the large Kriskadecor chandelier, made of aluminium chains, hangs.

Visitors walk around this highlight area to discover all the collections. In passing, they admire the huge resin and Burgundy stone sculpture of a specific dial on the wall element.

All the furniture matches the design. The selection, both classic and timeless, aims to demonstrate that innovation and tradition can go hand in hand with exceptional work-

manship and complication... just like Blancpain’s watch creations. Working with leather

and wood, noble materials, Iconia’s designers have opted for furniture with clean lines

and warm tones.

The new concept of the boutiques is perfectly in line with the Blancpain philosophy, “innovation is our tradition”.

Interior general picture of Blancpain Boutique


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